About Jumbo Fundraising

We're about helping those who help others. We recognise the value and importance of good causes.
It is why we offer an all-in-one specialist solution to give a painless lottery management experience as possible - leaving you to focus on making an even bigger impact to your cause.
About Jumbo Fundraising
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Our background

Jumbo Fundraising is part of Jumbo Interactive group of companies. Jumbo Interactive is a technology company that develops and operates the worlds best digital lottery experiences.

Jumbo was founded in 1995 and has 20+ years of lottery experience, across government and charitable sectors. Jumbo is known in the industry for it’s world leading technology and considerable knowledge across marketing, player engagement, compliance and responsible gambling.

Jumbo has a demonstrated track record of optimising lottery performance; currently over $500M transacted annually.

All of this means Jumbo Fundraising’s partnership with its charities are backed by a solid organisation. Which leaves us to focus on the more important things - helping charities make a bigger impact with their causes.


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This is Jumbo Interactive

Jumbo is a leading digital retailer of official government and charitable lotteries. We utilise the latest technology to craft an engaging and entertaining purchase experience for our customers across a range of digital platforms.

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This is Jumbo Interactive

Jumbo’s Core Values

We are proud of these values within the Jumbo family. These are fundamental ethics or principles that would only benefit the charities that we partner with.

We are open and respectful

Through honest and transparent communication, we create lasting trust and respect for our clients, customers and each other. We are open in our actions and feedback, and actively listen and act upon what our colleagues and clients have to say.

We take ownership

We are empowered, supported and encouraged to take ownership when challenges arise. We lead with honesty, consistency and fairness, taking responsibility and being accountable for the outcomes of our decisions.

We are adaptable

We are committed to continuously improving and actively seek solutions and embrace new ideas. Our optimism and can do approach enables us to be agile and gives us the courage and determination to try new things.

We create possibilities

We are committed to providing outstanding products and unsurpassed service to our customers and clients. Our curiosity and hunger to improve gives us courage to take calculated risks.

We exist for our customers

Customer outcomes are at the centre of what we do. We are passionate about working with our customers to identify their challenges and are committed to delivering flexible and dependable solutions to ensure they are successful.

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